In What Order Should the Lessons Be Taught?

Churches may teach the 210 lessons in any order.

Specific lessons were not written for, say, seventh graders or for twelfth graders. Half the churches in the U.S. have fewer than seven teenagers, which might mean three or four want to be discipled. Many of those churches need to disciple teenagers from seventh to twelfth grades in one group. Other churches may have one group for middle school and one group for high school, or some other combination of grades.

Consequently, grade-specific lessons are not practical.

Similarly, some churches will begin the curriculum in 2016 while others will discover it in later years. Thus, churches will move through the lessons on different schedules. Also, some churches will see a year of lessons that seems to meet an immediate need, and they will move to that year. This may especially be true when older high school students will have only a year or two of the studies.

Consequently, a strict schedule for moving through the lessons is not practical.

Church leaders may choose their unique way of moving through the Blue Year, Brown Year, Green Year, Purple Year, Red Year, and Yellow Year. Having made that choice, leaders can continue that rotation so that future twelve-year-olds can experience all 210 lessons before high school graduation.

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