Is This Curriculum a Magic Bullet?

The Disciple6 curriculum is historic. Across the decades few teenagers have had the opportunity to be so thoroughly equipped across their six years as teenagers. But no curriculum alone brings about spiritual transformation and kingdom readiness.

Teenagers in covenant groups increasingly will know, love, and adore King Jesus—in the power of the Holy Spirit—for the glory of God. God alone is the source of all transformation.

Teenagers using the Disciple6 curriculum will be saturated in the Word of God. They increasingly will know the Word, understand the Word, and embrace the Word in their hearts. Heart transformation will precede all outward change.

Teenagers will link arms with their covenant groups to practice and do the Word. They will evangelize, disciple, serve, minister, and worship. They will live out a righteousness that mirrors their hearts. They will be conduits that take whatever they learn and will invest that in kingdom activity for the glory of God.

Teenagers will follow covenant group leaders who themselves are following Christ. They will learn the Word from leaders who embody and live out that Word. They will learn how to follow Christ in kingdom activity by watching leaders whose own kingdom activity flows from their adoration of King Jesus. Teenagers will live holy lives because they are watching adults whose righteousness reflects the aroma of Christ.

But even then the covenant-group experience will be just one element of a teenager’s spiritual journey. The home always will be God’s ideal as the primary place of discipleship. All the ministries of the church and the youth group make important contributions as well.

Out of all of this, the goal is teenagers who increasingly are conformed to the image of Christ and whose faces are set like flint to follow Christ to complete the Great Commission for the glory of God.

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