Blue Year

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1 Richard Ross The Preexistent Christ and the Disciple
2 Paul Gould What Is Apologetics?
3 Travis Dickinson The Historical Accuracy of the Bible
4 Travis Dickinson Alleged Contradictions in the Bible
Biblical Interpretation
5 John Yeo The Nature of the Bible
6 John Yeo How We Got Our Bible
7 John Yeo The Timeline of the Bible
8 John Yeo The Covenants of the Bible
Biblical Relationships
9 David Hutchison The Bible and Gender
10 David Hutchison The Role of Men
11 Candi Finch The Role of Women
12 David Hutchison Relationships between the Genders
Core Doctrines
13 David Allen The Scriptures
14 Matt Sanders God the Father
15 Matt Sanders God the Son
16 Matt Sanders God the Holy Spirit
17 Evan Lenow Thinking Ethically and Biblically
18 Bob Kline Racism
19 Bob Kline Pornography
20 Evan Lenow Media
21 Brandon Kiesling What Is Evangelism?
22 Brandon Kiesling Why Evangelize?
23 Dietmar Schulze What Is Missions?
24 Keith Eitel Why Participate in God’s Mission?
Servant Leadership
25 Frank Catanzaro Who Am I?
26 Frank Catanzaro The Purpose of a Servant Leader
27 Frank Catanzaro The Servant Leader as an Ambassador
28 Frank Catanzaro The Power of the Knowledge of God
Spiritual Disciplines
29 Scott Aniol What Is Spiritual Formation?
30 Max Barnett The Foundation of Prayer
31 Matt Harrison How to Read the Bible
32 Max Barnett The Devotional Life
33 Patricia Nason A Biblical View of Creation
34 Denny Autrey A Biblical View of the Fall
35 Denny Autrey A Biblical View of Redemption

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