Purple Year

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1 Richard Ross The Ascended Christ and the Disciple
2 Mike Keas Evolution and Origins
3 John Wilsey God, Pain, and Suffering, Part 1
4 John Wilsey God, Pain, and Suffering, Part 2
Biblical Interpretation
5 Donald Kim New Testament Genre: Gospels
6 Donald Kim New Testament Genre: Acts
7 Donald Kim New Testament Genre: Epistles
8 Donald Kim New Testament Genre: Revelation
Biblical Relationships
9 John Wilsey Choosing Romantic Relationships
10 John Wilsey Experiencing Romantic Relationships
11 John Wilsey Choosing a Mate
12 Candi Finch The Gift of Singlehood
Core Doctrines
13 David Allen The Kingdom
14 David Allen Last Things
15 Matt Sanders Education
16 Vern Charette Stewardship and Cooperation
17 Paul Golata Artificial Intelligence
18 Jack Greenoe Euthanasia
19 Jack Greenoe Cohabitation
20 Bob Kline War
21 John Massey The Church as God’s Plan in Evangelism and Missions
22 Dean Sieberhagen The Church as God’s Agent in Evangelism and Missions
23 Brent Ray The Church, Cooperation, Evangelism, and Missions
24 Mike Morris The Church and Disciplemaking
Servant Leadership
25 Johnny Derouen The Leader’s One Magnificent Obsession
26 Johnny Derouen The Leader and Spiritual Awakening
27 Dale Johnson Biblical Principles of Leadership
28 Dale Johnson Servant Leadership Versus Secular Leadership
Spiritual Disciplines
29 Scott Aniol Great Commission Worship
30 Alicia Wong Prayer for the Nations
31 Matthew McKellar A Heart Submitted to the Word: Obedience
32 Alicia Wong Great Commission Service
33 Harvey Solganick A Biblical View of Christianity
34 Chuck Carpenter Secular Humanism and Atheism
35 Chuck Carpenter Deism and Pantheism

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