Red Year

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1 Richard Ross The Reigning Christ and the Disciple
2 Travis Dickinson Truth, Faith, and Knowledge
3 John Wilsey Is Christianity the Only True Religion?
4 John Wilsey Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Biblical Interpretation
5 Stephen Presley A Topical Study
6 Stephen Presley A Word Study
7 Stephen Presley A Book Study
8 Stephen Presley An Inductive Study
Biblical Relationships
9 John Laing The Goal of Marriage
10 John Laing The Love that Characterizes Marriage
11 John Laing The Spiritual Life in Marriage
12 John Laing The Permanence of Marriage
Core Doctrines
13 Benjamin Phillips The Christian and the Social Order
14 Benjamin Phillips Peace and War
15 Benjamin Phillips Religious Liberty
16 Benjamin Phillips The Family
17 Paul Golata Genetic Engineering
18 Bob Kline Abortion
19 Evan Lenow Reproductive Technologies
20 Trey Dimsdale Civil Disobedience
21 Keith Eitel Engaging Other Cultures with the Gospel
22 Brent Ray Engaging Roman Catholics with the Gospel
23 Matt Queen Engaging Jehovah’s Witnesses with the Gospel
24 Beau Brewer Engaging Mormons with the Gospel
Servant Leadership
25 John Babler Seeking God as a Leader
26 John Babler What if the Leader Blows It?
27 John Babler Discipleship as Equipping
28 John Babler Why Lead Now?
Spiritual Disciplines
29 Meagan Lacey Living for the Glory of Christ
30 Matt Harrison The Discipline of Fasting
31 Matthew McKellar Dealing with Difficult Texts
32 Matt Harrison The Discipline of Stewardship
33 Harvey Solganick Postmodernism
34 Dale Johnson A Biblical View of Psychology
35 Michael Bizzell A Biblical View of Sociology

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