Yellow Year

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1 Richard Ross The Returning Christ and the Disciple
2 Sam Dallas Defending the Faith in Conversations
3 Sam Dallas Defending the Faith in School
4 Brandon Tejedor Defending the Faith in Society
Biblical Interpretation
5 Greg Smith Old Testament Application, Part 1
6 Greg Smith Old Testament Application, Part 2
7 Greg Smith New Testament Application, Part 1
8 Greg Smith New Testament Application, Part 2
Biblical Relationships
9 Douglas Wood Spiritually Leading a Child
10 Douglas Wood Loving a Child
11 Douglas Wood Blessing a Child
12 Douglas Wood Disciplining a Child
Core Doctrines
13 Madison Grace Your Personal Christian Life
14 Madison Grace The Church
15 Vern Charette The Great Commission
16 Vern Charette The Great Commandments
17 Evan Lenow Divorce and Remarriage
18 Trey Dimsdale Capital Punishment
19 Evan Lenow Transgenderism
20 Trey Dimsdale Wealth and Poverty
21 Mike Morris Engaging Buddhists with the Gospel
22 William Judson Engaging Hindus with the Gospel
23 Dean Sieberhagen Engaging Muslims with the Gospel
24 Dean Sieberhagen Engaging Secularists with the Gospel
Servant Leadership
25 Deron Biles God’s Calling for All Christians
26 Deron Biles God’s Lifetime Calling for You
27 Deron Biles Preparing for Your Lifetime Calling
28 Deron Biles My Goals Versus God’s Goals
Spiritual Disciplines
29 Scott Aniol The Life of Worship
30 Alicia Wong Praying with and for Others
31 Matthew McKellar Teaching the Bible
32 Max Barnett Spiritual Multiplication
33 Trey Dimsdale A Biblical View of Law and Politics
34 Stephen Mizell A Biblical View of Philosophy
35 Jim Wicker A Biblical View of Economics

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